2015 Reunion Shirts!

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The shirt design for the 2015 SBSA Reunion has been created and decided upon. Order form as well as size selection will be available soon.

Front Left of Shirt

2015 SBSA Reunion Shirt. Left Front of shirt.

2015 SBSA Reunion Shirt.
Left Front of shirt.

Back of Shirt

Back of shirt.

2015 SBSA Reunion Shirt. Back of shirt design.

Jeremy2015 Reunion Shirts!

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  1. Profile photo of Warren D. Jenny
    Warren D. Jenny

    Still having problems with logging in to website. Was able to see new reunion shirt and ships store, but not get the Swift Current News Letter Vol. 3. I would like to order the new shirt when order form is available. I know that sometimes, when getting a new website up & running has “issues” & in the past, I have always been able to go to the site whenever I needed to or just wanted to shop at the store or whatever. Hope all the bugs get fixed soon. Looking forward to the “snail mail” edition. Thanks Jeremy for what you are doing.
    Warren Jenny
    Lago Vista, Texas

    1. Profile photo of Jeremy Post

      Hi Warren,

      As I mentioned yesterday I need to get some extra info from you in order to diagnose the issue. First please let me know what browser and version you are using. Browsers very greatly in what they can do. Second here is the direct link to the PDF http://www.swiftboats.org/newsletter/SC_3thQtr2014-web.pdf. I do not think that worked for you either. This is just a direct link to a file. If you cannot access this, you have an issue with your browser or machine. That link is completely separate of the new site.

      Please shoot me an email with your browser and let me know if you can directly hit that pdf url.


      1. Warren Jenny

        Hello Jeremy,

        I think all of my problems are now over. When I was having problems a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize I was actually having “computer problems”. My computer crashed & I ended up having to buy another one. Once that was done & all of my info was transferred over, everything works fine now. I appreciate your helping me out there. Having to work through new Windows 8, but that has actually been quite easy. Thanks again,


  2. dennis hunsberger

    wish I could get on web sight and see photes that are posted. my best and worse memories where from cu a die river, south of dang nag. no one in family to teach me computer skills dennis QM2 1969 to 1970ex

    1. Profile photo of Jeremy Post
  3. James Steffes

    I would like to know if there is a list or contact person to find out if a person is a member of SBSA. I have a friend who has an associate in her assisted living facility. She says her son was on Swift Boats in Vietnam. His name is Jim Newsome.
    Jim Steffes

    1. Profile photo of James W. (Jim) Deal
  4. Profile photo of Robert Dodds
    Robert Dodds

    Hi Jim; I just got on the site, I am Robert (Bob) Dodds. I served Oct. 1966-Oct. 1967, on the YR 71& YFNB 2 in Dnang. They were support for the Sift boats; around July-Sept. 67 I was sent to Cua Viet (river), to help support a few boats operating out of there. I had a supply of parts to help the enginemen on each boat. I was a EN3 and did go out on one patrol; does any one from that time remember me. Thanks, could use some more info. on the upcoming reunion. Bob, rcdodds13 @ yahoo.com

    1. Profile photo of James W. (Jim) Deal
    2. Profile photo of John P. Jones
      John P. Jones

      I was there on the 17 boat, crew 45A. Spent quite a bit of time where you were, mostly in discussion with the XO, can’t remember his name. I should remember you but getting older -:)
      John Paul Jones

  5. Profile photo of Reid Sprague
    Reid Sprague

    Very nice site! I got a message the first time I browsed to it saying my browser wasn’t supported – I’m using a Chromebook today – but when since I reloaded it, the site has been working fine. I was able to visit the store and make a purchase. I like that it takes PayPal, as that is my preferred way to pay on the Web (2-factor authentication) – I think it’s more secure than using a CC. The site looks great, too; everything so far has been easy to find. Congratulations and BZ on the site.

    Can’t wait for the Reunion shirts. I plan to attend, thought I haven’t got round to signing up yet, but will soon.

    By the way, can members bring guests? I have a good friend, Phil Simpson, who sailed in PBRs about the same time I was on Swifts, who lives in the area and I know he’d enjoy attending the Reunion if that’s allowed. He’s on Agent Orange disability and a retired Army/Navy Vietnam vet. I think he spent two tours in ‘Nam, one of them on PBRs. Please let me know our policy on that!

    Thanks once again for a wonderful organization and for building a great meeting place on the Web! God bless you.


    1. Profile photo of James W. (Jim) Deal
  6. Profile photo of John P. Jones
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