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The Swift Boat Sailors Association is a veteran’s organization created by and for the personnel who manned or supported U.S. Navy PCFs (Patrol Craft Fast or Swift Boats) assigned to Coastal Squadron One during the United States involvement in Vietnam between 1965 and 1973

Swift Boats were first used in Operation Market Time to patrol the coastline of South Vietnam to prevent infiltration of soldiers, munitions and other supplies via the sea from North Vietnam

They were known as the workhorses of the US Navy’s Vietnam Coastal Surveillance Force: TASK FORCE 115

In late 1968, they joined with the PBRs (Patrol Boat River) and the Mobile Riverine Force in Admiral Elmo Zumwalt’s successful Mekong Delta riverways interdiction strategy: SEALORDS

Best estimates put the number of Swift personnel assigned as crew or in a support role to total between 3,000 and 3,500 from 1965 through 1973 when the last U.S. Naval Advisors left country

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      Not sure about tee shirts, but we do have polos. I will check on it and get back to you.

      **Update T-shirts will be available for the reunion. Any leftovers after the reunion will be sold on the site.

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  2. Warren Jenny

    Love the new website. I have to agree, it’s different, but with practice, I’m getting to know the ropes. Thanks to Jeremy for assisting us all. We need it:) Well, at least I do & it’s appreciated. I haven’t yet signed up for the reunion, but at least I have the pages copied & deciding when to leave Texas for DC. With airline problems now, we have again decided to drive there & make a mini vacation out of it. We had a great trip to San Diego & loved having our car to get around to places my wife had never seen before. It was her 1st trip to San Diego & she now knows why I love the area. OK fellows, looking forward to seeing you all again in May 2015.

    Warren Jenny

  3. Dewey C. Williams

    Don’t see much being logged on here. Jim Deal posted in SPOKT that a member has passed and was looking here to see if there were more facts. Don’t see any resent post.
    Will check back to see later.

  4. george paul yung

    Thanks for this web, love seeing info on Vietnam. I was stationed at Nha Trang coastal servalance center 5/66 to 4/67. At my age not I can not remember to much about the guys there. Do remember Cmd Estest? Indian and Jim. We lived at Camp Roberts that was run by the army, had to pay for our rooms and buy our meal there also. Knew there were othe Navy units in Nha trang but never got to meet them PBR took me from Nha Trang to Cam Ron for the trip home. Just wanted to know if there were any others here who were in Nha Trang, keep up the good work.

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