PCF 816 Update

Kerberos Solutions, LLC Forensic Engineering Investigations 3492 Old Cobble Court San Diego, CA. 92111 July 19, 2018 Directors Swift Boat Association Ladies and Gentlemen, Reference (b) SBA Report 3, dated May 3, 2018, submitted by email to SBSA The following information is the results of the PCF 816’s recent visit to the Ship Yard and haul out. The work has …

JeremyPCF 816 Update

2017 SBSA Reunion

The 2017 Reunion will be held in San Diego, April 27th – 30th 2017 at the Wyndham Bayside, San Diego. Reservation information, tours and cost will follow as we move forward. Hope to see you all there!

Jeremy2017 SBSA Reunion