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As you should be able to see we have updated our website.  As apart of the update we have revamped the way in which we handle our membership.  We kindly ask that you help us out by following these simple steps.

  • If you have received an email with login details, use it to log in.
  • If you have not received an email please create a new user.
  • Update your personal information.
  • Make sure your email address is correct.

We will be sending out group email and invoices so of course your correct email address is important to us.  Additionally you will notice we have opened the store!  You will notice that we can now accept paypal for quicker delivery of goods.  Don’t forget that we can also accept your yearly dues via paypal as well.

JeremyNew Website

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  1. Donald Lew Holley

    Thank you all for all that you do for us Swift Sailors, and for keeping the SBSA Site up to date. It look and works great! Semper Swift! Lew

  2. Ron Chase

    Our 1st nite on patrol after arriving at Seafloat that after noon was one of great appreahention and , let’s face it yes fear. It was pitch black nearly full boar up a narrow canal and second boat as we were new and suddenly a stream of lites were coming at us. I called down to my boat officer and said “I beleive we are taking fire!” He called the lead boat and then replyed to me “lead boat reports those are Fire Flys!” Well that was a lot better than what I thought and I relaxed just a little.

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  4. Barnes,Michael G (mike)

    Have been inactive for a few years but making a comeback at 68 so will hopefully be more involved as a swiftboater 67_68 march..Qui Nhon .Nice work on the webpage!

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    1. Profile photo of Jeremy Post


      We have a log in section, but most of the site is completely open. We will have a forum (opening tomorrow) that will require logging in to write, also the ship store requires logging in.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.


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    Allen C LoBean

    Made it over here. New ground to hoe and plant, looks good.

    Nice to have a home, thank to all who made this possible.


    PCF-15, Crew 120,GMGSA-GMGSN,DaNang,ChuLai, Cua Viet,1966-67(SkipperLTJG Kenneth R. McGuire) N.C.M.C/V.
    PCF- 99, GMGSN, Chu Lai, 1967, (Skipper LTJG Bob Bolger), I was a replacement for a month or two.
    PCF-56, GMGSN, Chu Lai, 1967, I was a replacement for two weeks.
    PCF-75, Crew W, GMGSN, Cua Viet, DaNang, 1967-68 -Tet. (Skipper LTJG Donald R. Swartz) [R.I.P 1938- 2011]

  9. Ron Gimbert

    Will we be getting a reunion packet in the mail as with prior reunions,or is every thing going tobe done over the web?what is the rate for our hotel rooms?

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  10. Chester Bishop

    I’ve been out of the loop for a while, will a packet be mailed re: the up coming reunion?
    Thanks chet

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        The email you listed when you filled in this comment, is bouncing back to me. You are a registered user under you email. I have sent a password reset to this email. If you still have access follow the instructions to reset the password. Your user id is simply the comcast email address. Please contact me if you have any other questions.


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    David Clayton

    I have been down,and out one could say!!Latest I lost my mom, passed away after caring for her more then 20 years.
    this was a about 2 to 3 weeks ago.(sorry my mind went blank)!!
    I remember that we had a list of member’s and address and phone number’s, do we still have this list?

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  12. Robert M Phillips Captain Ret.

    Thanks to all for the effort to keep the “Swift” flame burning brightly with this website. It may do well to put a notation on Larry W’s COSRON ONE site that due to his unfortunate demise, there will be no further updates…..unless of course if any are planned by someone other. Again thanks for the efforts. Bob

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      James W. (Jim) Deal

      John very good questions…
      Larry’s crew listing still can be found at but is currently not being updated. is still up and running.
      As you know the interactive photo site “MyFamily” has been move to site.

      As for “All that good information has been missing for some time.”, if you could be more specific what you find missing, which would aid us selection of content for this site.

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